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Medical Robotics Unit

A «nBio research group» unit

Universidad Miguel Hernández

Unidad de Robótica Médica

The medical robotics group is a muldisciplinary team dedicated to the development of robotic technology in the field of health and surgery. Experts in the development of wearable electronics for monitoring biometric parameters and in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for early diagnosis of pathologies and / or the improvement of quality of life of users. In the field of surgery we work on the development of new intraoperative medical imaging systems, based on RF and US, for application to imaging-guided robotic surgery

Our main research lines are:

  • Surgical Robotics
  • Image-guided surgery
  • Wearable health informatics
  • Diabetes technology
  • Multimodal human-machine interfaces
  • Clinical decision support software


Av. de la Universidad s/n

José María Sabater-Navarro

Tlf: +34